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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  October 18, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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together to tackle the challenges of tomorrow. good morning, america. target america. breaking, new details on that 21-year-old arrested in an fbi sting, just as he tried to detonate a car packed with 1,000 pounds of explosives. he wanted to blow up the fed during rush hour. and his plot to kill the president. and shocking words on the campaign trail, mitt romney's son saying what he wanted to do to the president during that testy debate. >> jump out of your seat. and you want to rush down to the debate stage and take a swing at him. but you know you can't do that. >> is the race getting too personal? frantic search. a 21-year-old woman kisses her husband good-bye. and then, vanishes on her five-minute ride to starbucks. police in a race to find her. the massive search right now. ♪ money, money, money
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is this the best bra on the planet? we can't show it to you just yet. but at $2.5 million, covered in jewels. and the hottest supermod untel the world is here to reveal it. is the ultimate fantasy bra living up to the hype? and good morning, america. hope you're having a good time this morning. already, robin home recovering from her bone marrow transplant. elizabeth vargas here. a lot to get to this morning. tagg romney getting very candid. telling us what he thinks about the president in that debate. as both candidates aric maing a big appeals to women right now. romney's comment during the day about searching through binders full of women, when he was staffing the massachusetts government. >> those binders. >> lots of commentary on both
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men in the debate and whether they got too personal. >> tagg romney did that last night. and severe weather overnight. eight people were hurt in storms that were punching their way across the northeast. and a total of five tornados in the area. >> all that moves east. the forecast is really important. also, take a look at this. take a look. it's -- it's what we call the freeze it tease. i don't want to build -- i don't want to raise the bar on "play of the day." but there's a chance, this could be -- freeze it. trust me when i say to you. >> what's the arm gesture? >> again, you have to tune in to find out. >> what a tease. >> a lot going on. we begin with the terrorist's plot in new york. a 21-year-old man from bangladesh has been arrested in a sting operation, after trying to detonate a car bomb.
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pierre thomas has the latest. >> reporter: good morning, george. the fbi says there's no doubt the man was hell-bent on causing a massacre blocks away from the world trade center. the target, the financial district, just off wall street. to blow up the federal reserve building. the fbi says quazi mohammad rezwanul ahsan nafis was planning to kill hundreds, as he parked a van that he thought was full of 1,000 pounds of explosives. they say he got out of the van, walked a short distance away to this hotel and dialed a cell phone number he thought would detonate the car bomb. but the bomb was a fake. it was a sting. and the fbi put him in handcuffs. >> he gets a student visa under the pretexts of being a student at a college in missouri. and he comes here with the avowed purpose of committing some sort of jihad here in the
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united states. ahsan nafis had arrived last january. the fbi sent an undercover operative to meet nafis after posting claims on the internet. he claimed to be al qaeda. the fbi said it quickly made clear he wanted to commit an attack. he allegedly discussed assassinating president obama. according to the fbi, the suspect planned to kill women and children in cold blood. in the name of osama bin laden. george? >> okay, pierre. thanks very much. now, let's go to the severe storms sweeping the southeastern part of the united states. tornadoes and winds tearing through, on their way to the east coast. they left a big trail of damage. the mid-atlantic is bracing for more storms today. and sam has been tracking all of them at the weather center. >> hey, elizabeth. we lined it out for you yesterday. look at the hot spots from jackson, to memphis, and st. louis. and the pictures will show you
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everything blown around and torn down. the fact that we had five reported tornadoes. they have to go in and investigate today, to decide if they're 50-mile-per-hour, 60-mile-per-hour, 80-mile-per-hour, or if that's a twisting damage involved in those areas. that line of storms weakened overnight. by 3:00 in the morning they got calmed down. but they fire up with heat in the afternoon today. from charlotte, to raleigh, to myrtle beach, baltimore, pittsburgh. this is a highly-populated, densely-populated area, rife for some strong thunderstorms. we're going to talk about that and everybody's weather when we come back in a minute. race for the white house, now. "your voice, your vote" with just 19 days to go. and things are heating up even more after that ferocious second debate. one of mitt romney's sons letting loose on how he really feels about president obama overnight. and david muir is here with the details. >> reporter: the campaign telling me this morning that romney's son, tagg, was joking about how frustrating the process can be for the family, when he told a radio host, that while watching that debate, he
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wanted to go down and take a swing at the president. overnight, a new sign of how contentious this race has become. tagg romney, telling a radio host, watching that debate, wanted to make him take a swing at the president. >> what is it like for you, to hear the president of the united states, call your dad a liar? >> jump out of your seat. and you want to rush down to the debate stage and take a swing at him. you can't do that because -- well, first, there's a lot of secret service between you and him. and because it's also the nature of the process. >> reporter: it comes after the town hall debate, with the president and mitt romney just feet apart, talking over each other. the president never called romney a, quote, liar. but overnight, the president did take aim at something mitt romney said at the debate. talking about hiring women as governor. >> i went to women's groups. and they brought us binders full of women. >> we don't have to order up some binders to find qualified,
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talented, driven, young women. >> reporter: the romney campaign arguing it's a distraction from the real issue, most important to women, the economy. arguing 3.6 million more women in poverty. >> this president has failed america's women. >> reporter: overnight, the late night comics with a binder full of jokes. >> he had binders full of women. his policy towards women is clear. we have to alphabetize them. >> reporter: on the binder blunder, governor romney tweeting out, i understand the challenges that women face. tweeting a link to testimonials to women who worked with him as governor. both sides with an intense focus on women that could be the factor come election day. let's talk about that. nicolle wallace, top strategist for republican candidates like george w. bush and sarah palin. let's pick up on the binders full of women. we saw mitt romney make huge gains with women after the first
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debate. democrats claim this will block that gain. >> we women are complicated and forgiving creatures. as voters, i think all women are making trade-offs with both of these guys. i don't think anyone, men, but particularly women, were attracted to the nastiness that they saw in that debate. and while people came off and said, oh, obama's back. he's back. i don't know where he thinks he made gains if he's trying to specifically appeal to women. women, more than men, are turned off when it gets below the belt. >> we saw that on focus groups after the debate the other night. i wonder how tagg romney's comments are going to play. i think people are probably forgiving of family members. >> the family member of someone running for president is nearly unbearable. if there's any political family in this country right now, you know, i think people have an appetite to see more of what they're really like. it's the romneys. so, it's sort of nice to see them express something
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incredibly human and real. >> one of the things that both candidates have compete for after the debate is not enough talk about what they would actually do over the next four years. >> i find it stunning that that whole debate started and ended and president obama never made a single reference to the future. and mitt romney made precious few. whoever wins, they will have done so, spending the least amount of time talking about the future, out of any campaign in modern history. and campaigns are almost always about winning the debate of the future. and i think it's a sign of how cynical this campaign is on both sides, that neither one is talking about the future. >> nicolle wallace, thanks very much. let's go to josh and the news headlines. >> we're going to begin with a light show overnight in the california skies. all thanks to haley's comet. stargazers and plain folks, walking or driving around, were amazed at the streaking fireballs and the loud booms that were observed over the
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skies of northern california. >> look over and saw, like, an object in reddish/orange in color. as it went away, it was getting larger. >> this thing was going sideways across the sky. >> reporter: astronomers say the earth is passing through a stream of debris from alley's com comet. >> you saw a small car-sized piece of rock and metal from the asteroid belt, crash into layers of the earth's atmosphere, ionizing. >> reporter: the national weather service says warm temperatures and cloudless skies are helping to make the bright lights more visible. the meteor shower will be visible through sunday. it is also extraordinarily cool. we're going to turn, now, to new concerns about the security of the nation's banking system. u.s. officials say iranian hackers have struck again. this time, disrupting the websites of capital one websites
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and bb&t. this joins several other banks that have been hit. service has been disrupted. no money has the been stolen. but the hackers are threatening more attacks today. and new details this morning about security at the u.s. consulate in libya before last month's deadly attack. reuters is reporting that a little-known british firm chosen by the state department hired libyan guards with little or no experience. two of whom were later accused of throwing a bomb into the u.s. compound back in april. meanwhile, here at home, we learned overnight, the wildfire you see here is threatening some 100 homes in santa barbara, california. it's about half contained. fire crews have made progress and have lifted dozens of evacuation orders. that is good news. also in california, four mechanics working at the burbank airport got the surprise of their lives, when they started working in the back of a private 747. e balance, tipped the tail back.
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popped the nose in the air. inflatable support kept the men from falling. they solved the problem. and two brothers in upstate new york have done something i don't know if any of us could have done. they won $5 million on a lottery scratch ticket six years ago. waited until now, to collect the money. the brothers said they were worried the cash might negatively influence their lives. they wanted to take time to plan everything correctly. one was getting engaged. didn't want that to influence that decision. they cashed the ticket 11 days before it was going to expire. >> i guess they heard the stories that the lottery changes your life and not necessarily in a good way. >> what did they do with the ticket? >> i would be terrified. i would look at it 100 times a day. every day. >> or put it in a bank account and get interest? >> i think it's smart. now, everything is well-organized and planned. >> good for them.
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the latest blow for lance armstrong. the superstar cyclist has been stripped of his medals. now, the evidence he doped for years is costing him sponsorships and the leadership of his live strong charity. neal karlinsky brings us that from seattle. >> reporter: it's been a devastating 24 hours from armstrong. his sponsors have been dropping like flies. there's threats of civil litigation. it's as if his entire legacy is being erased right before his eyes. stripped of his tour de france titles by the u.s. anti-doping agency, lance armstrong the now being stripped of his livelihood. like dominos, big-money sponsors are dropping the disgraced champion in droves. anheuser-busch, frs sports drinks, trek bicycles, giro helmets, and nike, which wrote its own damming guilty verdict, due to the seemingly insurmountable evidence that lance armstrong parents pated in
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doping and misled nike for more than a decade, we have terminated our contract with him. >> the fact he made millions by cheating, by deceiving children and cancer survivors and some that looked ed up to him as a leader and icon, it's one of the worst stories in sports. >> reporter: the drug-tainted fairly tale made armstrong a very wealthy man, with his own private jet. mansions in austin, texas, and aspen, colorado. a vast art collection and more. analysts estimate he was making $15 million a year for more than a decade. all apparently based on a lie. >> lance armstrong's earning power is completely done. he's in some way going to be relegated to being a normal, everyday person again. >> reporter: at the olympic training center in colorado, an armstrong quote has now been removed. in the midst of the collapse wednesday, armstrong still maintained his innocence, stepped down as chairman of live strong, the foundation he
7:15 am
created to fight cancer. now, just days from celebrating their 15th anniversary, live strong's leadership can only hope that donations don't dry up with lance armstrong's reputation. >> i'm always concerned about the future of our organization. and that's because the mission is so important. >> reporter: a lot of people wonder, why doesn't armstrong just come out and explain himself? well, insiders say it may be that he fears even more civil liability and possibly even perjury charges he changes his story now. >> neal, this is so devastating as you point out. but lance armstrong is an amazing competitor, as well. do you have any sense of what kind of comeback he might be plotting? >> that is impossible to say. people close to him say that his absolute plan right now is to lay low. he plans to take part in live strong. he is still on the board. he is passionate about cancer. but he needs to keep a low profile for the very near future at least. >> okay, neal karlinsky.
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thanks very much. now, to a huge headline in personal health this morning. getting an annual physical may not help save your life. there's a new study with 180,000 people that shows the reverse. abc's chief health and medical editor, dr. richard besser, is here with what you need to know. do you agree with this study? >> this is a bombshell. doctors and patients all believe in getting the annual physical. but this is really well done. and i agree with the finding. this was a global study. they looked at 14 studies around the world over 50 years. they found that getting an annual physical did not decrease the chance you were going to die at all over the course of the study. it didn't do that. >> you do say there are tests that you should get. what should you be doing for your health? >> well, every two years, you should get your blood pressure checked. you should get your cholesterol checked. every year, you should get your flu shot. but you can get that at the drug story.
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if anything doesn't feel right, you should see your doctor right away. >> if you don't get an annual checkup, you should have frequent conversations or regular conversations with your doctor, right? >> right. i'm a big believer in prevention. but when you go see your doctor it's all about testing and not talking, you're not going to get the benefits. every time you see your doctor, you want to spend more time sitting with your clothes on, talking than you are in that paper gown. >> you say talk about sleep. >> sleep and stress and smoking and your weight and exercise. those are the things that, in the long run, are going to lead you to a healthier life. it's not all those poking and prodding and testing that you're getting. >> i'm curious, rich. it's one thing to say that these annual physicals aren't going to help you. they're not going to hurt you, are they? >> surprisingly. >> your pocketbook. >> the more tests you get, the more things you'll be diagnosed with. getting some of the diagnoses doesn't help. you may end up on more medicines. but it doesn't mean you're going
7:18 am
to live longer and healthier. if your doctor is working with you on a problem, go every year and get checked. if you're a child, a pregnant woman. but otherwise, you don't need to go every year. >> wow. big news today. >> it is. >> rich, thank you so much. rite's time, now, for the weather and sam champion. >> hey, elizabeth. we started in the start of the show with the strong weather in the middle of the country. but then, i have one follow-up question. what was the name of the airline, josh, that had the problem. can you zoom in a little bit? can you just tell me? >> it's champion air. my question for you. two questions. why have you been holding out on us with the private plane the whole time? and number two, what's wrong with your plane? >> ladies and gentlemen, at champion air -- >> it's tipping over. >> the trip's over before it begins. let's get to the boards. we have this area of low pressure. a big one. this is the strong winds that move out of the plains and towards the great lakes here. the winds are going to be
7:19 am
picking up from the area of low pressure. that was driving the front all the way down the middle of the country, as well, that swings east with the strong storms in the mid-atlantic. 89 degrees at corpus christi. good morning, tampa. a gorgeous day heading your way, as well. morning. a mild start this morning with some sunshine. 54 degrees at reagan national. cooler 43 at manassas.
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increasing clouds will be in by this afternoon and chance of a as well.orms mostly sunny and 56 at 9:00. 66 at noon. by >> all of america's weather, the warmest cities, brought to you by burlington coat factories. our eyes on the news always. >> we're flying private from now on. coming up on "gma," a woman kisses her husband good-bye and vanishes on her five-minute commute to starbucks. police launch a massive search to track her down. murder mystery. this wealthy california businessman, arrested for killing his wife in their multimillion-dollar mansion. his bizarre explanation, now for how she died. also, reality tv goes red neck. from honey boo boo to duck dynasty. [ male announcer ] we're all on a journey
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maybe you're wondering what to believe about mitt romney. well, when it comes to protecting your access to birth control... and the basic women's health care services planned parenthood provides...
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one thing we must remember, is this: i'll cut off funding to plannnned parenthood. [ female announcer ] he'll cut it off. cut us off. planned parenthood. we're going to get rid of that. [ female announcer women need to know the real mitt romney. [ obama ] i'm barack obama and i approve this message. >> good morning, washington. it is 7:26. fairfax county police investigating what has become a deadly pedestrian accident and alexandria. r hit a victim at 2:00 this
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half -- this morning. the driver did stay at the scene. the circumstances surrounding unclear.ent are still authorities say he tried to set off a fake car bomb outside of reserve building in new york city. that hee reports attacking a military as well.altimore our sister station will have more on the live in-depth report minute.p in just a we want to find out how your thursday commute is going. we will take a look at 395 northbound, pretty good across 14th street bridge. earlier broken-down vehicle away.en cleared will head over to the beltway new hampshire avenue, that delay to silver spring. map where weat the have the accident at
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william county and the with delays all the up to springfield. >> a beautiful start this morning. of theut this picture naval academy in annapolis. 54 degrees at reagan national and 50 at dulles. will end up 68-73. showers and thunderstorms late.ed continue overnight and early friday morning. a nice weekend ahead. maryland schools are number one in america because we invest in them. but we can do even more. every year marylanders spend five hundred and fifty million dollars at casinos in other states.
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fashion direct from designers. savings direct to you. t.j.maxx whitney heichel's right there. she kissed her husband good-bye. got in the car, went to starbucks only five minutes away. but somewhere along the way, she vanished. the car was found miles away, abandoned. we're going to have the latest on the massive search for her right now. her husband is making desperate pleas. robin at home, recovering from her bone marrow transplant. and great to have elizabeth vargas here. and it's $2.5 million, covered in jewels. what is the ultimate fantasy bra? is it worth that price? >> it better be worth the price. >> a bra you wear and you don't see it. why would you put jewels on your bra? >> good point. >> it's the ultimate fantasy no bra. sam? >> lara, breaking it down for
7:31 am
us, yet again. >> i'm wearing it now, lara. >> white is thursday, isn't it? >> it is. >> it is. >> i don't know what to say to that. we're going to move on to what they're calling the red neck revolution. you see honey boo boo. and duck dynasty. why americans can't get enough? >> redneck and proud of it. >> all right. and high heels, as elizabeth and i know too well. they can be risky. the australian prime minister, happens to the best of us. toppling over at a public event. is striding around in stilettos worth it? we'll find out, coming up. first, we're going to switch gears and get to the desperate search for a missing oregon woman. police say whitney heichel vanished somewhere between her home and starbucks just five
7:32 am
minutes away. abbie boudreau is in portland, oregon, with the latest on the story and the search this morning. abbie, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, elizabeth. when whitney heichel did not show up fwr work at this starbucks on tuesday morning, those closest to her, her friends and family, knew something had to be very wrong. overnight, police frantically searched this portland, oregon, park. exclusive aerials from katv show investigators walking a grid, part of a massive manhunt for whitney heichel, seen here with her husband, in this exclusive video obtained by abc news. >> we have detectives working on it. we'll be able to jump on leads right away. the colder the leads get, more difficult it becomes. >> reporter: the 21-year-old vanished during her five-minute commute to work. investigators fear they're in a race against time. her black ford explorer was found abandoned in this walmart parking lot tuesday afternoon.
7:33 am
the passenger side window shattered. they found glass in the parking lot outside of heichel's home. >> i'm not prepared to say this is broken glass from her vehicle. >> reporter: heichel' husband claims she kissed him good-bye and left for her job at starbucks just before her 7:00 a.m. shift on tuesday. >> she got ready. her normal thing. got up. kissed me good-bye. and i woke up and said, bye, i'll see you when you get home. >> reporter: when the barista didn't show up at work, her boss called clint, asking where she was. >> i called her several times. i texted her several times. and actually about 9:00, 9:30-ish, her phoneot to the point where you would call and it went straight to voicemail. >> reporter: just before 10:00 a.m., he called 911. police haven't released the video. but say surveillance cameras recorded her black suv pulling into this gas station around
7:34 am
9:00 a.m. her atm card was used. clint says the bank record showed the card was used eight minutes later. >> it's the vehicle. we know through bank records it's the card. >> reporter: police are not saying what led them to search that wooded area. but they are holding a news conference later this morning. and hopefully at that point, we'll learn new details. >> abbie. thank you so much. let's bring in former consultant and special agent at the fbi, brad garrett, in washington, d.c. this morning. i know the first calls came to whitn whitney's home around 7:00 a.m. it took her husband nearly three hours to call 911. is that timeframe troubling to you? >> a little bit. you have to look at when an adult goes missing, what in their life could have caused it.
7:35 am
look at the husband. what was his relationship with whitney? were there issues? did he have any reason to harm her? and you look at her life. if you eliminate both of those, you wonder, why did he wait? i don't know. he's calling on the phone. he's left apparently, a number of voicemails. he sent a number of texts. he doesn't get an answer. but that is a block, if i were investigating this case, i would fill in. >> we should point out the husband is cooperating fully with police. and there could be a huge treasure trove of evidence with the discovery of this suv. lots of dna, fingerprints inside and outside that car. >> that's exactly right. and the thought that the glass from her -- the driver's side window is possibly in the parking lot at the apartment complex suggests to me that she may have interrupted someone stealing her car, panicked. they grabbed her.
7:36 am
and it supports the idea that they went to a number of gas stations. they purchased a small quantity of gas and moved on. it's not planned. we don't know what we're going to do now. we were going to steal a car. and now, we have a live person with us. >> finally, the car was left in a walmart parking lot. lots of cameras in those walmart parking lots. >> walmart is great with surveillance cameras. so, the idea they might have a shot of someone dropping that car, could be a great lead. >> all right. brad garrett, thank you so much. we'll be staying on top of this search and this investigation. george? we have another disturbing case, now. a wealthy california businessman, arrested for murdering his wife in a multimillion-dollar mansion. peter chadwick has come up with an alibi, claiming his wife was killed by another man, who forced him to get rid of the body. he's a prominent real estate investor, now accused of murdering his wife for financial gain.
7:37 am
a crime for which he insists he is not guilty. but now, "the l.a. times" reports, 48-year-old peter chadwick has given police a bizarre story, about what really happened last wednesday behind the walls of the sprawling multimillion-dollar mansion in newport beach, california. chadwick is saying another man killed his wife, qui, seen in a facebook photo. chadwick told investigators the real murderer forced him to load her body into his lexus and dispose of it near the u.s./mexico border. >> it appears the relationship had been on the rocks for a period of time. there was a possible divorce in the offing. a lot of money involved with this relationship, as well as both families. >> reporter: police grew suspicious when qui chadwick never picked her kids up aed the bus stop. when authorities went to the home, there were signs of a
7:38 am
struggle. a scene so gruesome, they believed qui was dead. they have not recovered the body but arrested chadwick, four miles from the border, after he called san diego police. >> mr. chadwick was in his car for about 18 hours with the body. so, it could be anywhere in southern california right now. >> reporter: california highway patrol officer was tailing chadwick's car south. and said no other passengers were in the car. his story doesn't add up. >> there's a lot of forensic evidence we recovered. there's a series of witnesses that have been interviewed. we're very confident when the facts come out in court, it's going to be very clear. >> reporter: chadwick's attorney won't comment. his client is currently being held on $1.5 million bail. for "good morning america," david wright, abc news, los angeles. it is time, now, for the weather. and sam champion. >> we're going to talk about the timing of these storms because
7:39 am
they're not when you would normally expect them to be on the eastern seaboard. look at the red zone. and find out if you're in the middle of this. this is the system that sets up and storms all night long. raleigh, norfolk, washington, d.c. myrtle beach, and charleston, south carolina, will get powerful thunderstorms on the overnight. this is what happens in the northwest. see that front right there? today, it's not a big deal for you. tomorrow and the next day, that front drops towards california, call it, maybe toward the bay area. that means we're wet and rainy late tonight into the day tomorrow. but today, you'll carve out a decent day. a look at the big board. you can see it's warm in the >> america's weather, brought to
7:40 am
you by macy's. george? elizabeth? >> thank you, sam. here's a question. are you a honey boo boo fan? or you wonder what all of the fuss is about? we're going to look at the redneck revolution taking over reality tv. and the prime minister from australia, taking a very public tumble. wearing high heels. is it worth the risk of falling? [ male announcer ] it's here! it's the 20th edition of monopoly at mcdonald's and 1 in 4 wins. with over 300 million dollars in cash and great prizes, it's the most prizes ever.
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hand sanitizer, done! hey, eric! i'm here for my flu shot. sorry, didn't make an appointment. well, you don't need one. whether it's flu shots or prescriptions, we continue to accept express scripts and medco plans. i'm bonnie, and this is my cvs. 7:43. we're back, now, with what is
7:44 am
being called the redneck revolution. >> oh, yeah. >> it is blowing up reality tv. ratings sky-high. honey boo boo. duck dynasty. you know the shows. you know you do. but what about these shows has the country fixated? ryan owens has the story. >> reporter: in reality tv, redneck is red-hot. change the channel and you can go from hillbilly catfishing to rocket city rednecks. to swamp people. oh, and sometimes, it feels like honey boo boo is on 24 hours a day. or we wish she was. >> you better -- >> reporter: it's no surprise the larger-than-life characters are too much for reality show producers to pass up. but critics say their tv
7:45 am
popularity says a lot about us. >> i think it has to do with the economy. we used to look at shows with housewives and false breasts and false teeth and false everything, to people with no teeth. >> reporter: of course, not all of the self-described rednecks are down on their luck. i recently met the robertsons, a louisiana family who turned duck da calls into a million dollar empire. and a tv show, "duck dynasty." the premiere of season two brought in 3.8 million viewers. honey boo boo gets 2.4 million viewers a pop. and the history channel's "swamp people," averaged 4.2 million for its third season. >> these numbers are very big for cable. and we're talking about, you know, shows that cost 15 cents to make. >> fresh fried alligator. don't get fresher than that. >> reporter: but while america's appetite for redneck reality
7:46 am
seems insatiable, not everyone is sure it's a healthy diet. >> they represent an exaggerated image of the lives of rural people who work with their hands. >> reporter: but as long as rednecks keep bringing in the ratings, they're not going anywhere. and that's tv reality. for "good morning america," ryan owens, abc news, dallas. >> they are big. we can't stop talking about them right here. >> i know. huge ratings for -- >> all right. coming up, we are revealing, live, one of the most expensive bras ever created. you will see it here first. $2.5 million, covered in jewels. >> look at these men. >> elizabeth, you look so good in it. i can't believe we're not taking a shot right now. amazing. we'll see if it lives up to the hype. and "the play of the day" tease. what's the deal with this, josh? >> freeze it. what's the deal with this, josh? >> freeze it. go nowhere. wus places. companies excite our imagination.
7:47 am
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7:50 am
7:51 am
here's "the play of the day." >> ordinarily i'd say that you missed it by this much, america. but we have a good one for you today. a cannonball attempt that we do not suggest you try at home. parents, turn the kids, perhaps, away from the television, should your pool -- >> no. >> also be frozen. >> no. >> yep. >> he knew that was frozen, right? or did he? >> that is -- it lived up to the hype. >> no. >> oh, that looks painful. >> i don't think he knew. >> no way he knew. >> of course he knew. really? you don't think he knew? >> he didn't know. >> you -- i can't even depend on you? he knew. he knew. >> it was a dumb thing to do if he knew it was frozen. >> guess what? he's now on national television.
7:52 am
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7:55 am
7:56 am
live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news udate. >> >> good morning once again. are learning more about how will cost to use the opened and express lanes. $2erage $1 to during nonpeak times and maybe during rush hour. nearly 2 million people are the shake out, an u will practice drop, cover, and hold on, the
7:57 am
recommended response to an earthquake. our sister station will have a report coming up with more of the hour.e top right now let's find out more about the morning commute. >> we will start with a look at 395. this is hardly moving at all. there was an accident north of duke street blocking three right lanes. a major back up there, the of duke street. stay away over to the left. new hampshire ave moving slowly. the pace picks up to the american legion bridge. >> it is a beautiful site this morning. clear at this but a cold front from the west. 55 at reagan national, 50 at dulles. 48 degrees in gaithersburg.
7:58 am
thunderstorms late, if you could be severe. a high between 68 and 73 degrees. >> thank you for being with us. we will be back in less than 30 minutes. [ mitt romney ] look at the evidence of the last fofour years. under the president's policies, middle income americans have been buried. they're just being crushed. middle-income americans have seen their income come down by $4,300. this is a tax in and of itself.
7:59 am
i'll call it the economy tax. i'm not going in raise taxes on anyone. my plan is to bring down rates to get more people working. my priority is putting people back to work in america. i'm mitt romney and i approve this message. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] combine the pnc cashbuilder visa credit car with a qualifying pnc performance select checking account and earn 75% more than cards earning 1% cash back on almost everything.
8:00 am
[ cheers and applause ] and a happy crowd out here in times square. and this song makes you think of robin. every time i hear it. it is a fantastic song. as you know, she is home recovering from her bone marrow transplant. it's great to have elizabeth vargas here, swimming over there. i'm glad you're here right this second, elizabeth. i have no idea how to do this tease. >> what does 2.5 million bucks look like when it comes to a bra? well, we have got one of the hottest -- >> i don't think it's the bra that's getting the attention in this picture, though. i actually think -- >> the light fixtures are lovely
8:01 am
in the background. >> is that what you're calling them? >> oh, my goodness. oh. that was a really good one. ding, ding, ding, times-ten. >> go back on the dvr. >> one of the hottest supermodels on the planet is here to reveal that bra and the light fixtures in it. >> you didn't need to read into that. >> live in a moment. we have a special report on how to turn back time. a mother and daughter getting plastic surgery together. part of our wrinkle rehab. >> that's nice. plus, head over heels. so many women have been there before. myself included. you're wearing a real high heel. and you take a tumble like this. that's the australian prime minister. she's okay. josh, she's okay. but it does beg the question, why do we do it? why do we go on the heels so big? >> how high were her stilettos, i wonder. >> we will find out, elizabeth. >> let's get right on that.
8:02 am
sam? >> really? there's more. not only do we have our "deals and steals" today. but i looked at our big deal of the day. it's all about the kitchen. i'm going for each and every one of these. they go out just like that. >> and you have to get on there quick. logon. >> a lot to get to. we get to news first with josh elliott. >> we're going to begin with the foiled terror plot here in new york. the family of 21-year-old asahs nafis are surprised. his family calls him a gentle man incapable of such actions. they want their government to intervene to bring him home. and more tough talk in the race for president, this time from mitt romney's son, tagg, who told a radio host that watching tuesday's debate made
8:03 am
him want to take a swing at president obama. the romney campaign says that tagg was joking. as the race focuses on undecided women voters, the president is attacking romney for boasting he reviewed, and i do quote, binders of women, end quote. romney's campaign calls the attack is distraction from the real news of the economy. "newsweek" which was first published in 1933, will stop printing its magazine and go all-digital by year's end. and high school cheerleaders in texas, fighting for the right to use bible verses on banners, now have state leaders on their side. governor rick perry is backing the girls, along with the state attorney general, who has filed a petition to intervene and protect their religious liberties. the squad was ordered to stop
8:04 am
using the banners when an atheist group complained. a study finds that taking a multivitamin can help protect men from cancer. the risk was reduced by 8%. but eating a healthy diet, exercise and not smoking will be more effective in keeping cancer at bay. finally, a dramatic, very touching scene from the african savanna. after a baby elephant fell into a well. wildlife activists in kenya actually had to drive off the frantic mother so they could rescue the calf, as you can see there, stuck after several nerve-racking attempts, they finally manage to pull the calf out. and that is mother and little one reunited. and i argue, it gets no sweeter. >> that is nice. >> back together. >> really nice. nice transition to "pop news." >> good morning, everybody. we begin with uma thurman.
8:05 am
she has announced the name of her baby girl. roz lynde ahusta arkadina altalune florence thurman-busson. each of those names has a special meaning to them. >> you picked 32 names for your child and gave her a nickname on top of it? i can't -- >> at least rosalind is a name. >> luna is buried in there. >> yeah. it's like words with friends. >> right. hey. thanks to the 50th anniversary of the world's sexiest sky, guys everywhere can smell like danger. if you thought it would be a sultry blend of manly musk, you
8:06 am
would be wrong, sam. 007, the fragrance, is a combo that will have your lady calling you dr. yes. >> a ding. >> you can buy the scent that will have her wrapped around your gold finger. but one spritz will leave her shaken. and stirred. thank you very much. >> moss? >> the apple was a surprise. >> apple, sandalwood and moss. otherwise known as danger. >> what's -- >> a classic scent. >> i'll get back to you. >> what? >> i'll get back to you on that. justin timberlake is in the news because he and jessica biel could be officially off the market in days. "us weekly" reporting the love birds will get married later this week in southern italy. here's what we know. guests have been flown to germany. but they switched planes and diverted to italy.
8:07 am
sneaky. sneaky. the bride was spotted in paris at the bridal boutique. now, she's in rome. no word on the plans. justin is in the middle of recording a new album. congratulations to the kids. i wanted to say it in italian. go ahead. >> go ahead. >> come on, josh. >> i know you have that. tom hanks is a great actor. he's an honest man. he was honored at the new york public library for his charitable endeavors. he confessed he has a couple of overdue books from there. really overdue. like from 1977. >> really? >> yes, he does. and tom will be with us tomorrow. since we live right down the block. bring the books. we'll walk them over and put them in the return box. we're sure they're going to let
8:08 am
you slide. >> it can be live. >> they're going to build a new wing. >> the tom hanks late book fee wing. >> that's "pop news." let's get weather from sam. >> i'm enjoying the gorgeous signs. ladies and gentlemen, there are -- i love you ys. wait. who's this incredibly giant, tall person with you? >> this is piper. >> hi, piper. how are you? piper's like, i don't know. >> not real sure. can you say hi? >> can you say hi? oh. don't want to say hi. i got it. let's get to the boards. here's one or two things going on. that was an immediate. you didn't get to see the face, mom. everything squeezed in together like in like 30 seconds. we'll show you a live shot of washington, d.c. this morning. d.c. is in the storm zone, as
8:09 am
the front gets to the eastern seaboard. the mid-atlantic will light up. it's a later in the evening thing. and behind it gets cold air. detroit goes down. and d.c. will go down later this weekend. look at these cold temperatures. there will be snow in the northwest. about pass about 1,2 >> we can expect a great start. going to be changing. the 55 degrees at reagan national. at dulles. ithe strong cold front to our producing severe weather. a break up now. we think it will fire back up evening and overnight tonight. forecast today, expecting to see mostly sunny skies
8:10 am
>> we're live in times square. that's a happy face. that's a much happier face. doesn't want to be a broadcaster. but maybe katie does. katie, who are we going back into? >> back to lara. >> beautiful job. nicely done. >> great crowd outside. here's a look at what's happening inside on our "gma morning menu." taking a tumble in heels. it happens. are stilettos really worth it? and wrinkle rehab. the mother/daughter team getting plastic surgery together to turn back the hands of time. and is this $2.5 million bra worth it? the hottest supermodel on the planet is here. and she will reveal it, live. all that and more coming up on "good morning america," in times square. [ male announcer ] centrum has been a leader in multivitamins for over 30 years. and it's now the most doctor recommended, the most preferred and among the most studied.
8:11 am
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i'm eating what i know is better nutrition. mmmm. great grains. search great grains and see for yourself.
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8:15 am
amy robach, who wears the highest heels i know, is here to give us some tips. i've never seen you wobble. >> that's because no one is looking. it's happened on the sidewalk crack. sometimes i could be wearing flats and stumble. fortunately for me, i didn't have a camera following me the way the australian prime minister did. but we did get some help from the very best in walking in high heels. take a look. she may be a head of state. but it was australian prime minister julia gillard's footwear that made headlines wednesday. this epic fall from grace, all because of a staple of a woman's wardrobe, the too often hazardous high heel. >> if you wear a heel, it can get embedded in soft grass. the rest is as you saw. >> reporter: then again, who hasn't tottered, tripped or tumbled when walking on these ministilts.
8:16 am
from real-life models. to "sex and the city's" carry bradshaw. beyonce. j. lo. and rihanna. all have taken a public plunge in their heels. >> i think women don't walk off the big toe properly. that makes the foot unstable. the higher the heel, the more instability. so, when in doubt, lower your heel height. >> reporter: what if you want to keep stepping out in your six-inch stiletto. enter miss j. gave me a lesson in how to avoid the footwear fiascos. >> do you walk on the heels or the feet or the balls? >> reporter: i think i walk on the balls. what's the biggest mistake that women make when walking in high heels? >> relying on the high heel to
8:17 am
keep them steady. you have to navigate the shoe. >> reporter: most of all, he says, even if you don't stick the landing, what really matters is how you react when y're back on your feet. ev if you fall? smile. >> if all else fails. >> all of that looks so painful. miss jay give me a little bit of advice. you don't walk with the weight on the back of your heel. we've done that, right? you're supposed to walk on the ball, like this. ladies, follow. you're going forward, like that. >> oh. tiptoe. >> it doesn't feel natural. >> practice at home and practice on different surfaces. carpet, wood floors. >> and working, too? >> come on. and chewing gum. >> and everything else? >> thank you, amy. i can somebody that can
8:18 am
probably teach us. >> i think so. >> this lady. she can walk a catwalk like no other. the story of supermodel ail sandra smbrosso. they've been doing the fancy bras. you've probably heard of them. for 16 years. we have an exclusive first look at the most stunning one yet. $2.5 million. >> yeah. >> and allesandra is here. >> we're going to reveal. >> audience, do you want to see the bra? only in times square can you get people shouting, show us the bra. there's a piece first. look at this.
8:19 am
>> cross your heart. >> reporter: remember this? >> you'll be shapelier. >> reporter: or this? ♪ i want a bra with pizazz >> reporter: shopping for a bra once meant you want padding or not? but now, women have a dizzying array of selections. sporty, demi, seamless. the list goes on. you can find bullet proof bras. and inflatable bras. even cups that shoot fire. so many choices. how is a girl to decide? to find out, we went to the mecca of lovely lingerie, victor victoria's secret, in herald square. >> i have a secret. >> a woman cannot have ever too
8:20 am
many bras. there's no much thing. >> reporter: these days, warm and function is often being trumpeted by style and sexiness. and celebrities are leading the way. some stars like to give fans more than just peeks. for miley and kim, underwear has become outerwear. since one size does not fit all, the bra business is huge. women's lingerie, the $9 billion industry. >> finding the right bra is the fashion equivalent of searching for the holy grail. >> having the right bra is like having the right outfit. >> reporter: the ultimate fantasy bra? if diamonds are a girl's best friend, it's probably this. the victoria's secret $2.5 million bra and matching belt, are dripping in sapphires, rubies, diamonds. it is quite a plunge. >> they are chanting. they want to see it, sam. there it is, everybody. $2.5 million.
8:21 am
worth of gem stones made by london jewelers. >> for victoria's secret, exclusive. >> you actually had this on your body? >> i had this once on my body, when i shot the victoria's secret catalog. >> we can see you in it. and it's for sale. >> it's for sale. with a matching belt. and it's $2.5 million. the most amazing bra i've seen in my life. >> am i allowed to do this? >> the center point right here has a 20 carat diamond. and it goes on and on. over 5,000 precious gems. >> was it comfortable? >> it doesn't have to be comfortable. who cares if it's comfortable or not at that point. it's a fairly tale. i was being a cinderella for one
8:22 am
night. the ultimate fantasy. >> victoria's secret. i know you have a brand-new baby. how did you get back into this shape? >> well, working out, for sure. but actually, when victoria's secret called me to tell me i was going to wear the fantasy bra this year, i -- my baby was 2 weeks old. like, how am i going to do this? how much am i going to need this? i was nursing at the time. like, what's going to happen? and in tend, it just worked out really well. >> it's okay, i'm thinking. it all worked out. >> you can see allasndra wearing this $2.5 million bra. she's in the catalog with it. and at the victorivictoria's se fashion show. and on on yahoo! there's been some doozies. >> thank you, lara.
8:23 am
time for our special report. wrinkle rehab. and this morning, when face-lifts become a family aware. a mother/daughter duo who decide to go under the knife together. >> reporter: for most mothers and daughters, a trip to the nail salon or a day at the mall means bonding time. but for 65-year-old linda and 38-year-old stefanie have found another way to spend time together. getting cosmetic surgery. >> i don't like spas. >> reporter: but plastic surgery, she's onboard. >> totally down with. >> reporter: this mother and daughter duo is no stranger to adventures. they zip lined, snorkeled and helicoptered their way around the world. why not continue that tradition with a little nip and tuck? lynda left her home and traveleded to her daughter's home to get rid of a sag on her neck. what don't you like about your neck? >> the chicken turkey waddle. >> reporter: stefanie is unhappy
8:24 am
with her breasts. >> as i've been getting older, my bust is hanging lower. >> reporter: she wants to slim down her waist. why not go through this alone? >> i thought it would be a nice thing for us to do together because we can be a support system. we can recooperate together. we have a good three or four days together to try to relax, vegetate. >> reporter: plastic surgeon, dr. peter fedor has lynda and stefanie under the knife together. >> they have a very good relationship. a spup portative relationship together. they really help each other. and i welcome that. >> reporter: lynda is getting her neck tucked in and cheeks filled. while stefanie has her breasts lifted and tummy tuck. here's mom, lynda before. and here she is, after, minus
8:25 am
what she called her turkey waddle. and here's stefanie's waist and bust before. and after. >> i feel great about myself. i'm able to wear things i never wanted to do before. now, bring it on. >> reporter: for "good morning america," see celia vega, abc news, los angeles. time, now, for a sneak peek. one of our favorite shows. it's the halloween theme straight from the edit room of next week's "modern family." if you're still eating breakfast, you may want to put it away. take a look. >> every halloween, we have the best house. and last year, i went all out. apparently, too scary for some kids. and one adult. >> trick or treat. >> would you like some candy? >> yeah. >> or would you rather have this? [ screaming ]
8:26 am
come on. you're fine. >> i don't care what anyone says, you did not give that man aheart attack. >> thank you. >> you're not eb scary. can i grab this candy for my open house tonight? >> i literately almost scared the life out of a man. i was scary. >> that's the point, claire. it was overkill. you're the kind of person who can be twice as scary without wearing any makeup. bye. >> wednesday 9:00, 8:00 central. coming up, special "deals and steals." and brandy. live. where are you going?
8:27 am
>> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. >> good morning. it is 8:27. i am steve chenevy. united states senate candidate willaine and george allen their third and l debate. to the westace up virginia tech. the two former virginia governors are vying to succeed jim webb. it is not running for senate again. with ahow a tight race few weeks to go. we are about to find out what of whether we can expect this winter. winterll unveil its morning.ater this that conference before 11:00 a.m. we will have the details coming noon. check traffic again. here is steve. >> here is 395.
8:28 am
morning.ult was at king that street has now cleared. a little better. everything now is open. beltway, new avenue, still very slow. college park to silver spring. fromin the other gretchen to greenbelt metro. -- slow and the other direction. still very slow northbound on 395. are pretty good so far. weather with jacqui jeras. if you high thin clouds. over all, beautiful conditions. sunshine and 55 degrees at reagan national. at dulles. warming up throughout the day. the clouds will increase throughout the afternoon. showers and thunderstorms developing throughout the day. 68 to 73.
8:29 am
a beautiful weekend ahead. >> thank you.
8:30 am
♪ ♪ i can look you in the eye we can dance iyou want ♪ ♪ get to crackin' if you like ♪ brandy. >> great, isn't she? >> singing solo right there. has not had a new album in four years. but she's got one now. we're going to hear the new single, in a little bit. >> she does, indeed. good morning, everybody. robin recovering from her bone marrow transplant. great to have elizabeth vargas here. we had a bra. and now, we have a dog collar
8:31 am
encrusted with diamonds. we'll show you how much it costs. and do you really want to get one for your loved one? >> don't hold your breath, daisy. >> exactly. >> that's cool. but how much do we love that abc smash hit show, "revenge" by the way? i can't stop watching this show. i love it. and by the way, christa b. allen is here. don't confuse her with charlotte. and people go, ease up on the pills. let me tell you who to trust. we're going to get the inside scoop on the shotoday. >> i want to get the inside scoop on that tease. "deals and steals" time. everything's about the kitchen. we should tell everyone, right at the beginning, the deals only last as supplies do. >> on yahoo! all the links an codes.
8:32 am
first up, big name in home appliances, black & dekker. you can toast, bake and broil on your countertop. full convection oven. it's got all of the features. and nice digital control. i feel like i'm supposed to wipe it across here. >> it's very sleek. >> and the price is pretty sleek, too. normally, this baby is $90. but we have it slashed in half. 45 bucks. >> and the george foreman grills so popular. >> the most popular name i think in this kind of stuff. this is amazing because it is 100-square inches. this plate is bigger than most. both of these are removable, these plates. they're also nonstick. you don't have to use any oil when you're cooking. it makes for a healthier meal. and they say that it cuts down about half of the time that you need to cook in a pan because it's superpowerful. >> right. >> superpowerful. heats on both sides.
8:33 am
this one normally $90. slashed in half, 45 bucks. amazing deal. >> halloween is very close. >> cheryl's is a great cookie company. they have you covered with all kinds of halloween treats. this is a teeny sampling. there's so many gift baskets you can choose from. different actions. right priced normally from $36 to $100. also slashed in half. starting at $18. yocan get a nice selection. >> right away. >> these ones you will have in time for halloween. this, harper. hello, harper. we're sending this home from you. from "ace of cakes" on the food network, has an airbrush cake decorator. it works on any icing or fondet. hold on to this right here. hold it. when you pull that, aim for
8:34 am
this. there you go. look at that. very nice. >> now, i will have harper to help you. harper will teach you how to make stars and dots and stripes. it's an amazing deal. normally, this machine is $130. we have this slashed by 62%. $50 for the machine. and you'll get discounts on any of the colors that you want to choose. a big selection of the colors. >> sam has his eye on this one. >> sam has his eye on these. that was perfect. little ding. ding, ding. >> good stuff. >> gilt home has a deal for us on two different things. this is a dinnerware set that's microwave and dishwasher safe. you can choose round or square dishes. and stemware, a big selection of stemware, from champagne flutes to wine glasses. for this thanksgiving or
8:35 am
christmas, think about doing away with the paper plates and replace them with this because it's so affordable. $38 to $94. but these are slashed at 50% to 69%. and starting at just $19. and i should mention that on the "good morning america" website, we have bonus deals that you will only find if you go to, including a gluten-free chocolate chip cookie. >> thanks very much. i'm getting the glassware. what are you getting? >> the white dishes. thanks, tory. >> quick weather. i want to talk about revenge. stay right there. don't get out of the chair. chula vista, thanks for the shot. a little bit of kentucky. a lightning strike going with that line of strong storms. it leaves you warm and kind of a little silky in new orleans,
8:36 am
tampa, miami, corpus christi. you're coming in about 89 degrees. here's where the strong storms light up today. that line shifts east. it's not necessarily during the >> good morning. in jacqui jeras. a beautiful start your this forning during a lot o sunshine. our temperatures are comfortable 50's. front to the west will >> all of the weather was brought to you by your professional. christa b. allen. >> i can't believe this is what you do nor a living. i ran up to you and said, charlotte, enough with the pills. everything's great. what's coming up this season?
8:37 am
>> really more of all of the drama you saw last season. i keep telling everyone, it's always different. it's always emily. but always a different story. >> now, when you started this role, it seemed like she was going to be an innocent schoolgirl. and this year, you have a lot more going on. were you ready for that this season? >> absolutely. anything they throw at me, i'm ready to take on head-first. >> is there one thing that would surprise us that you can give away? >> yeah. the dead body that we revealed the first episode. you'll find out soon who that is. >> all right. let's look at a clip and show you what's going on. in case you haven't caught the first episode, you're not going to want to miss it. >> for the press conference, you told me that amanda knew the truth about her father. what did she tell you? >> she didn't tell me anything. it was all in the journal my dad kept while he was in prison. >> i'd like to see it.
8:38 am
>> i'm sure you would. but it belongs to amanda. you'll have to ask her. >> i like this. you're getting a little fiery this season. >> yeah. you know, everyone's sort of trying to get one up on each other on this show. that was victoria trying to pull one over on me. >> you are absolutely delightful. and i'm so sorry i ran up to you and said, enough with the pills. but i'm so glad you're out of rehab. i couldn't help it. i got you confused with charlotte. >> no. it's charlotte. i'm fine, guys. i'm all right. >> she's doing just fine. and you don't want to miss, by the way, "revenge," this sunday at 9:00, 8:00 central on abc. coming up, this was so much fun. thank you for dropping by. we have an expensive dog collar. we didn't put it on a real dog. we have an expensive dog collar. we did[ mamale announcer ] weg. the people, the middle class, who move our country forward, work hard, raise families, and keep america strong. but mitt romney's budget plan will hurt the middle class,
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i am so excited for taylor swift. right now, we're also really excited about these little fellas. get ready for lifestyles of the rich and furry. we have some of the most outrageous, for your best buddy.
8:42 am
and marty becker has gathered these. let's get right to it. let's start with some of the bling. >> believe it or not. >> is this real? >> dermatologists want you to bathe your pet every week to cut down on allergies. it's hard to get them in the bath. this is the home pet spa. it has 16 different high-pressure jets. you turn it on right here. >> and you get them in here. >> two doors that open up. this is on wheels. you can take it around. you bathe them in here. and it has a turny here. >> there's a legitimate shower happening in this box, people. >> yeah. the high-pressure jets. and you have the hard-to-reach places. $900. that's a good price for this. >> just a hose. >> good job, ragu. >> good job, ragu. you never looked better. >> you're all clean.
8:43 am
now, we have to get gussied up. >> this is alvin here. alvin was just neutered on monday. he was neutered on monday. today, he has on a silk velour outfit here. it's called the ruby red gown. it has all sorts of beautiful lace and swarovski -- but the ruby diva dangle. >> now, he's wearing a dress. >> but he was neutered on monday. he's no longer a he. >> comfortable in his own fur. >> this is new york. $1,980 for the ruby gown. >> that's crazy. >> it's not too much. >> we love our pets. >> this has two different things. if you go for a walk, you can take off the lower level. >> you need some bangles. >> when i was a kid in southern idaho, we had a collar that
8:44 am
would last one dog. this is from this is leather and platinum and white gold. there's 15 carats in this collar. >> what's going on? >> the whole show has been invaded by diamonds. >> and wait until you see brandy. talk about bedazzled. >> a $2.5 million bra? why not a $150,000 dog collar. diamonds in the ruff, ruff. >> after a long night out in your dangling bangles, then, you need a good night's sleep. >> they're pleased. >> can i put galen in here? >> this is from and this is from decadent digs. and it's a nice velour elements.
8:45 am
it's got the little poles right here. if they want to get private time. you undo these. and galen can get into the heavy petting in private. >> marty becker. >> $950. >> $950 for a dog bed. and these are all just major exgraf gae extravagan extravagances. >> you can do like a puppet show. that's also fun. >> the one thing i really do like here. people who have the dog collars, there's other products they sell. the dog bath, i do want you to bathe your pets once a week to cut down on pet allergies. >> most of these pets came to us from the humane society from new york. to find out where you can get the items for your dogs and bonus products for your cat. >> and adopt one of these guys. >> on yahoo! all prologue to the woman of the
8:46 am
hour, brandy. coming up live. go nowhere. ♪
8:47 am
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we're back, now, with superstar, brandy. she has a brand-new album out. it's called "two eleven." it's her first album in four years. it has a great number one single called "put it down." it's been four years since we heard from you. why the big break? >> i couldn't find my place in music. i didn't know which way i was going to go. i found it. and i'm happy. happier than i've ever been. this is a good time for me. music is my passion. it's my life. an my fans are down for me. i'm so happy. can't wait to perform. >> that's great. you called this album "two eleven." that's your birthday.
8:49 am
and it's also the date that whitney houston died. >> my idol. i want to contribute to my legacy. and i want to do what i promised her i would do. to continue on with my journey of music. and inspire people. >> you've been getting support on twitter. including from your "dancing with the stars" stars, maks. >> i saw that. >> that's so great. do you stay in touch with him? >> i do every now and then. he helps me awaken a confidence i thought was going to be asleep forever. i owe maks so much. >> we're so excited to see you. "put it down," from "two eleven." brandy. ♪ i'mma put it down you can fall in love ♪ ♪ i'mma put it i'mma put it ♪ ♪ i'mma put it i'mma put it down ♪ ♪ if you put it down right like the way i want it ♪ ♪ play it 'cause we maybe we can fall in love ♪ ♪ if you put it, put it if you put it down ♪ ♪ if you put it, put it maybe we can fall in love ♪ ♪ i'mma put it down you can fall in love ♪ ♪ i'mma put it down
8:50 am
you can fall in love ♪ ♪ if you put it, put it maybe we can fall in love ♪ ♪ i'mma put it down you can fall in love ♪ ♪ i'mma put it down you can fall in love ♪ ♪ if you put it, put it maybe we can fall in love ♪ ♪ ooh, way to talk game it's so tough ♪ ♪ damn, i love it all even the way you flex ♪ ♪ that's what turn me ooh, you know you make me weak ♪ ♪ just 'cause the way you are 'cause everybody in it ♪ ♪ know you're a star but still i'm letting you know ♪ ♪ i got the sweetest high any man that wants it, babe ♪ ♪ he gon' have to work hard from what i see ♪ ♪ you got what i want that's just half the part ♪ ♪ gotta see what you put on it to make sure you're the one ♪ ♪ if you put it down right like the way i want it ♪ ♪ play it 'cause we maybe we can fall in love ♪ ♪ if you put it, put it if you put it down ♪ ♪ if you put it, put it maybe we can fall in love ♪ ♪ i'mma put it down you can fall in love ♪ ♪ i'mma put it down you can fall in love ♪ ♪ if you put it, put it maybe we can fall in love ♪ ♪ i'mma put it down you can fall in love ♪ ♪ i'mma put it down you can fall in love ♪
8:51 am
♪ if you put it, put it maybe we can fall in love ♪ ♪ i hope the chivalry ain't dead to you, boy ♪ ♪ 'cause i'm grown gotta pull up ♪ ♪ and then come up with that when i see what i want ♪ ♪ gotta go old-school women still keep it soul ♪ ♪ 2012 for me but i still beef it all ♪ ♪ and that i still i want you to know ♪ ♪ got the sweetest heart and even though ♪ ♪ he can body cool for me he gon' have to work hard ♪ ♪ and now i see you got what i want ♪ ♪ that's just half the part i gotta feel ♪ ♪ what you put on it to make sure you're the one ♪ ♪ if you put it down right like the way i want it ♪ ♪ play it 'cause we maybe we can fall in love ♪ ♪ if you put it, put it if you put it down ♪ ♪ if you put it, put it maybe we can fall in love ♪ ♪ i'mma put it down you can fall in love ♪ ♪ i'mma put it down you can fall in love ♪ ♪ if you put it, put it maybe we can fall in love ♪ ♪ i'mma put it down you can fall in love ♪ ♪ i'mma put it down you can fall in love ♪ ♪ if you put it, put it
8:52 am
maybe we can fall in love ♪ ♪ ain't nobody put it down like me, though ♪ ♪ why are you playing? girl, you know ♪ ♪ with all this money and all your cake ♪ ♪ girl, you better stop i got a big ego ♪ ♪ i'm sipping on that brandy that liquor comes in handy ♪ ♪ ain't gone bad it's been tough ♪ ♪ past the one i had was the answer to my prayers ♪ ♪ come on out and he want the truth ♪ ♪ and i got you tryna tell me ♪ ♪ i'mma put it down you can fall in love ♪ ♪ if you put it down right like the way i want it ♪ ♪ play it 'cause we maybe we can fall in love ♪ ♪ if you put it, put it if you put it down ♪ ♪ if you put it, put it maybe we can fall in love ♪ ♪ i'mma put it down you can fall in love ♪ ♪ i'mma put it down you can fall in love ♪ ♪ if you put it, put it maybe we can fall in love ♪ ♪ i'mma put it down you can fall in love ♪ ♪ if you put it, put it maybe we can fall in love ♪ ♪ if you put it down right like the way i want it ♪ [ mitt r romney ]own right look at the evidence of the last four years.
8:53 am
8:54 am
we've got 23 million people out of work or stopped looking for work. they're suffering in this country. the president would prefer raising taxes. the problem with raising taxes is that it slows down the rate of growth. i'm not going to raistaxes on anyone,
8:55 am
because when the econy's growing slow like this, when we're in recession you shouldn't raise taxes on anyone. my plan is to bring down rates to get re people working. my priority is putting people back to work in america. i'm mitt romney and i approve this message. thank you so much, to brandy. you can hear another song from brandy on on yahoo! it's "wildest dreams." >> always great to have you. >> thank you for having me. >> thank you for coming in. tomorrow, tom hanks will be here live. >> thank you for watching.
8:56 am
>> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. >> good morning. it is 8:56. i am steve chenevy.
8:57 am
and the number of folks in our among 14 million nationwide taking part in any drill today. happen in about 1.5 hours. people will practice drop, cover on.hold d response to an earthquake. one hit and a quake in little year ago. about thefans upset elimination from the playoffs. people who bought tickets online national league championship series will get all of their money back. you get the full ticket price refunded. the $6l not get processing feedback. but as a look at traffic. >> we will start with a look at the 14th street bridge. the usual volume. you head from arlington into the district. top morning on 395 near king street. pretty slow. least here at the bridge and district, not too bad. it usually looks like.
8:58 am
is 270 at 118 and germantown. moving. all the way down to the lane divide. and to the american legion bridge. .pringfield looking pretty good here is the weather. >> good morning. start.iful sunshine and all the cameras peered 55 at reagan national. 51 at dulles. changes ahead. cold front to our t we thinken up now bu it will fire back up later. some --and late.rstorms 68 to 73. >> we will be back at noon yo investments, personally, about paid 14% in federal taxes, is that fair to the guy higher rate than you did? romney: "yeah, encourage economic growth." us. is that the way to grow america? this message.
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